Guillermo Oriol

«Collaborative toy for children with autism»

Wie können autistische Kinder spielerisch soziale Kompetenzen trainieren?

How can children with autism improve their social skills through the use of a toy requiring teamwork?

Interaktion / Produzieren

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Social interaction is an essential part of a child’s early development. By interacting with others, children learn social behaviours such as sharing, cooperating, or respecting the property of others. While interacting and playing with other children, they also develop their communicative, cognitive, social, and motor skills. Children with autism are often delayed in the development of these skills.

By exposing children who exhibit any form of autism to interactive toys with their peers, they experience more play time in a real life situation and therefore enhance their social skills, learn to collaborate, and improve their cognitive, language, self-perception, and motor skills.

The final artefact of this research has a twofold objective in mind. A toy designed to be used as a tool for teachers and therapists, as well as a toy specifically aimed at autistic children, which helps them learn to collaborate and to share joyful moments of interaction with others.

Dr. Karmen Franinovic, Max Rheiner