Sofia Brazzola

«Identities of Art – A design tool for independent art spaces»

Wie kann ein interaktives Design-Tool die Kommunikation von unabhängigen Kunsträume verbessern?

How can an interactive design tool enhance the communication of independent art spaces?

Kommunikation / Intendieren

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Every cultural institution has a very unique identity, even the smallest one. Sometimes they just need to find their personal and most cost-effective ways of conveying the abstract content of art with appropriate communication strategies. But how often is reaching a clear creative briefing a struggle?

This research project aims to innovate the field and the production modes of cultural communication. It focuses on independent art spaces and provides those in search of their visual identity a systematized yet customizable answer. I have designed an interactive newspaper-vademecum to help curators and artists to frame their content and to convey it to their audience(s). The outcome of the guided process and experience is an individualised design briefing. This design tool is meant for the upcoming art scene, to popularize its work while limiting costs and thereby to raise awareness of the value of effective communication for art.

Björn Franke, Dr. Sarah Owens, Peter Vetter, Jonas Vögeli