Hanah Hwang

«Travel Globally, Feel Locally, Eat Happily. Food can be a medium of communication between Swiss and Korean»

Wie können koreanische Touristen in der Schweiz höchste Zufriedenheit und angenehme Erlebnisse erfahren?

How can Korean tourists enjoy utmost satisfaction in Switzerland?

Produkt / Intendieren

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Which factors improve the satisfaction level of Korean tourists in Switzerland? My definition of achieving the highest satisfaction is determined by how well the problems faced by tourists are solved. Researching articles from both Switzerland and Korea, reviewing travelogues, travelling together with Korean tourists, and interviewing people involved in Korean tourism, I found out that the biggest problem were different eating habits among these two cultures.

To close the cultural gap, I created this welcome pack. It offers eating utensils and information on what and where to obtain Korean ingredient replacements and Swiss ingredients, and how to cook them by using QR codes. As a result, tourists could feel right at home and enjoy an easier approach to experiencing the new culture.

Understanding cultural differences is not easy, but knowing that food is a real issue would help both cultures adapt to such differences.

Prof. Michael Krohn, Dr. Francis Müller, Franziska Nyffenegger, Herbert Pauser, Sebastian Stroschein, Thomas Walde