Jan Huggenberg

«I am a helicopter – Exploring the process of learning to fly»

What does the process of learning to fly feel like, and how might this experience be communicated?

Wie fühlt sich der Prozess vom Fliegenlernen an und wie lässt sich diese Erfahrung vermitteln?

Interaktion / Intendieren

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Our streets are becoming increasingly congested. Aerial vehicles, with the ability of taking off and landing vertically, present a promising alternative to this problem. But the challenging task of controlling these vehicles, the risk of fatal accidents, and many other factors make it hard to introduce these technologies to a broader public.

As my vehicle of interest, the helicopter brings us very close to this freedom of movement, thus making it an excellent subject for my research. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the process of learning to fly, I carried out a self-experiment. Within eighty days, I became a helicopter pilot myself and thoroughly documented every step I made. Using an interactive video installation, I am now sharing my personal experiences and thoughts as an interaction designer.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Buurman, Max Rheiner