Andrea Cruz Gonzalez

«OZ – Smell of Memories; Service Vision – Reduction of stress through activation of the sense of smell»

Wie kann durch die Stimulation des Geruchsinns und die Benutzung von Biorückmeldegeräten der Stress reduziert werden?

How can stress be reduced through stimulating smell and using a bio-feedback device?

Interaktion / Produzieren

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This Master's thesis explores the impact of stress in our daily life. Through different experiments, I observed the influence of stress on body signals as well as the reduction of stressful situations by the stimulation of positive olfactory memories.

The result is a service vision including dynamic processes. In this service design, I combine tangible (device) and intangible media (aroma and memories) and principles of service-design thinking.

Strong experiences are mostly connected with a concrete aroma. The use of aromas connected with a positive experience evokes a positive feeling. These “positive aromas” are used as feedbacks. They work both as an alarm and as a stimulus.

This project points out the central role of feedback in raising awareness of and enhancing the interpretation of body signals principally in stressful situations.

Björn Franke, Dr. Georgios Papastefanou, Prof. Jürgen Späth