Gaia Codoni

«Paleorama – dive in the Triassic»

Wie kann man ausgestorbene Tieren wieder zum Leben bringen, so dass die Rekonstruktion sowohl emotionell als auch wissenschaftlich korrekt ist?

How can we bring back to life extinct animals in an exciting way in the museum context without neglecting scientific accuracy?

Kommunikation / Produzieren

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In paleontological museums, exhibits are usually accompanied by illustrations to help the visitor understand what they are. However, reconstruction often fails to communicate the connection between fossilized remains and reconstruction.

How can this connection be highlighted and reconstruction be made convincing? My project answers this question with an animated reconstruction directly projected onto fossils using the 3D projection mapping technique. This method brings the extinct animals back to life through the light of a beamer and creates a window looking out in to the sea-world of the Triassic.

The animation, which will be permanently displayed at the Fossils Museum of Monte San Giorgio (Meride, CH), will make it possible to observe the saurians in their natural habitat and to convey scientific information about palaeontology and geology in a new and thrilling way.

Fabienne Boldt Spinnler, Dr. Heinz Furrer, Niklaus Heeb, Joe Rohrer, Beat Scheffold, Alessia Vandelli