Fernanda Barrence Mutz

«|Re.frame| Curating Consumers’ Experience of Choice»

How can curating products reframe online consumers’ experience of choice?

Wie kann die Kuration von Produkten das Erlebnis der Entscheidungsfindung für Online-Konsumenten umformulieren?

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Have you ever looked for a blender on Amazon and been offered a choice of more than 450 options? Or have you perhaps searched for a new pair of black ballerinas on Zalando and been offered over 380 models? Variety enhances individuality and improves the perception of the quality of life. However, having too much to choose from can actually lead to decision fatigue. The central question of my work is: in a world of infinite options, how can the curation of products reframe online consumers’ experience of choice? My project focuses on investigating the curatorial approach as a means of simplifying decision-making for overwhelmed mass consumers. The result is a framework designed to help marketing strategists and communication designers to create new or to improve existing online retail concepts. Through multiple examples, the project shows how curated ecommerce could guide consumers through a more intuitive, emotional, and therefore easier shopping experience.

Dr. Francis Müller, Prof. Dr. Adrian W. Müller, Bitten Stetter