William David Bach

«Cio – An autonomous concept vehicle»

Was braucht ein selbstfahrendes Auto, das ein gewöhnliches manuell gefahrenes Auto nicht braucht und umgekehrt?

What does a self-driven automobile need that a manually driven vehicle does not, and vice versa?

Produkt / Produzieren

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Cio is an autonomous concept vehicle for Europe in 2025 aimed at in-transit business people in urban areas. Its size and agility make it energy-efficient and well-suited to traversing narrow European streets. Research conducted identified differences between manually and self-driven autos; hypotheses proposed were based on the differences and investigated. Experiments tested if a computer display could replace windows within an auto and the ability of passengers within a moving vehicle to use touch-screen displays. Following the confirmation of the tests, important design characteristics of the vehicle were defined. A spherical envelope of interaction was created for interfacing the passenger and the vehicle. The envelope comprised a 270° wrap-around touch-screen that provides an information and entertainment environment for the passenger. The final form of the concept integrates the research results into a self-driving vehicle for the future.

Christian Labonte, Heiko Stahl, Sebastian Stroschein