Fabian Troxler

Limits of Control – Full body experiences in a virtual reality

How can we design full body experiences for a virtual reality, and where are the limits?

Interaction Design

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Current technological developments open up new possibilities in virtual reality. In addition to visual perception, full body experience becomes increasingly important in this artificial reality. These embodiments enable the user to immerse in a world that stimulates all senses, and can therefore be almost indistinguishable from our known reality. But virtual reality combined with a full body immersion has the potential not only to simulate our known real world, but also to create new kinds of experiences. We are used to our body and its capabilities, but these do not have to be the same in a virtual reality. How can we then transform our bodies into different virtual beings, with­out undergoing an arduous learning process?

Max Rheiner, Prof. Jürgen Späth