Andrea Staudacher

MMH or HMM – Future | Meat | Gallery

How can “Ereignis-Design” affect social attitudes towards meat?


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The shortage of resources and technical progress have changed, and will continue to change, patterns of meat consumption. But nutritional innovations like Soylent, edible insects, or in-vitro meat, clash with our traditional view of what we consider meat fit to be eaten. They all trigger the same question: Mmh! or Hmm?

The MMH or HMM Future | Meat | Gallery provides insights into the future of meat consumption. Through a physical-subjective experience, visitors can form their own opinions on developments concerning our nutritional future.

MMH or HMM Future | Meat | Gallery –  Doors open in June 2015, Müller­strasse 57 in 8004 Zürich, Further information:

Bitten Stetter, Dr. Francis Müller