Pierre Naveau

U-Sled – A recreational alpine summer sled

How could a recreational alpine sled be designed in order to translate the original winter sledding experience in the summer?


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Winter sledding is one of the most popular mountain activities, appealing to a broad audience. Why should it only happen in winter? Regardless of the season, mountains offer an unfuelled impulse down the hills. Real opportunities exist for “ski-resorts” looking beyond filling the summer hole until winter comes again. Sledding is fun and accessible, but what is its “DNA” more specifically made of? Which adaptations could outfit a sled for the summer? Holding on to the essence of winter sledding was the challenge. Rapid prototyping helped iterate faster, test, deepen understanding, test again and improve.

The result is a 3-wheeled recreational sled steered by the rider’s body movements. U-Sled can easily be pulled uphill, allowing independent and interactive leisure experiences.

Felix Spuhler, Heiko Stahl, Roland Eberle