Nerminka Muslija

Symbio – Kitchen tools inspired by tradition and science

How can kitchen objects both create awareness of food waste and introduce the knowledge needed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and avoid waste?


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Each year, almost half of all food produced for humans is thrown away. Food is squandered for a variety of reasons at harvesting, in supermarkets, at restaurants, but – most of all – at home. Among the reasons: difficult-to-sell, unusually shaped fruits and vegetables, confusion about expiration dates, lack of food knowledge and inadequate storage. The Symbio project addresses the problem of food waste at home through education. A collection of kitchen tools — a tea towel, a modular fruit and vegetable plate, and a container made from bamboo charcoal — aim to inform people about the storage of fresh produce, in order to keep it fresh and avoid waste. The Symbio collection is created on the basis of ethnographic research, and inspired by tradition and science.

Bitten Stetter, Dr. Francis Müller