Anna Kerschbaumer

Made In 2040 – Thinking Fashion Forward

Based on current changes and trends, what future scenarios can be created for the fashion industry of the year 2040?


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Fashion is out of fashion. The acceleration of the process of designing collections has led to a stagnation in creativity in the Western fashion industry, which has failed to keep up with the latest developments: customised products, principles of sustainability, and digital networking are forcing the system to re-invent itself. MADE IN 2040 investi­gates both trends and innovations, and translates them for the future. Using explorative scenarios, the project des­cribes visions for tomorrow: will the fashion industry be fast, functional, healthy, customised, digital, slow? The foresight report MADE IN 2040 prepares professionals for long-term developments, and stimulates the discussion about the future of fashion – are you ready-(to-wear) for the future?

Bitten Stetter, Dr. Francis Müller