Natascha Jankovski

Between Horse and Rider

How can the impact of a saddle on the moving back of the horse be illustrated using an animated 3D visualisation?


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A poorly-fitting saddle is just as bad as a pair of too-tight shoes. It can cause a horse serious back pain. Owing to the size of the horse, there are no conventional imaging techniques available that reveal what the back actually looks like while the horse is being ridden. My animated 3D visualisation of the horse’s back illustrates these formerly invisible impacts, using graphic elements such as image-processing and colour-coding to make the complex structures of the medical information visible. This project is developed in collaboration with the veterinary hos­pi­tal of the University of Zurich, Department of Sports Medicine (Horse). It will be made available to veterinary students and doctors, as well as saddlers through the e-learning platform “e-back”.

Fabienne Boldt Spinnler, Alex Hanimann, Dr. Sarah Owens, Jeanne Peter