Estelle Hary

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How can speculative design encourage dis­cussion and debate around systemic issues linked to health and technologies?

Interaction Design

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Contemporary Western societies are driven by three main structural mutations: they rely heavily on the power of information, their model is articulated around consumerism, and their citizens are increasingly afflicted with non-­communicable diseases. In such a system, most of the solutions we envisage to given issues tend to use data, which are sold to the public as innovative ­services or products. Most of those innovations, however, are released on the market without any prior discussions involving the public, consumers and non-consumers on the possible impact they could have. In this context, how can the designer support the en­ga­gement of audiences with complex ­systemic issues, and act as a catalyst for public debate on technologies and their uses?

Björn Franke, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Buurman, Max Rheiner