Heidrun Föhn

Kairos – the career game – Game-based self-coaching for professional re-orientation

How might a career game be designed to accompany Generation X through professional re-orientation phases by game-based self-coaching?

Game Design

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Our working environment is in the process of a transition characterised by digitalisation. In addition to the job uncertainty, the requirements for employees and employers concerning mobility, flexibility, willingness to learn, versatility, accessibility and resilience are growing. For the Generation X (the now 35- to 50-year-old), the quest for the meaning of life in midlife, individualisation and alternative lifestyles are becoming increasingly important. An analogue career-game, called “Kairos”, supports this generation in phases of professional re-orientation. For this game, science-based, practical game mechanics have been designed based on the monomyth in the hero’s journey as well as on methods of simulation theory and career coaching.

Dr. Mela Kocher, René Bauer