Hannah Lea Dykast

PREZENSE – Welcome your senses

In which way can a wearable design object ­communicate collected health data in a meaningful and intuitive way?


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Wearables are on a steady rise because of the urge for self-optimization in all aspects of life: perform, enhance, share, compare. Yet human beings are more than rational statistics. Due to societal pressures, physical and mental stress levels are sky-rocketing in Western societies. This thesis critically reflects the current societal shift towards quantified living. My research suggests a non-­metric communication of health data. PREZENSE is a smart wearable that monitors HRV with cutting-edge technologies and communicates peak stress levels through haptic feedback. Its intuitive signal system results in a targeted disruption of the users stress cycle in a moment of crisis. PREZENSE aims to enhance one’s physical and psychological well-being.

Isabell Gatzen, Sebastian Stroschein