Fine. — A System for Recording and Visualizing Emotion

The process of recording and visualizing emotion data can lead to emotion awareness. Through this visual vocabulary, one is given an opportunity to reflect upon their emotions in a nuanced way and thus communicate their experiences.

Emotions are based on abstract phenomena, making them difficult to define and quantify. Though our experiences of emotion are subjective, we have a deep need to understand and communicate their complexities and effects on our lives. The stimuli that cause our emotions and our mental and physical reactions to them make up our emotion data. Visualization of this data brings tangibility, reveals patterns, and provides a visual language for expression.

This thesis offers a system, in the form of a digital application, for the recording, visualization and analysis of emotion. The result is an experience designed to provide users a path for gaining emotion awareness. In addition, a set of guidelines are laid out to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to designing tools for emotion recording.

Dr. Björn Franke, Jonas Vögeli