von Rotz

WOLLEN — A project to reactivate Swiss wool, a local resource

How can a participative approach in the development of Swiss wool products increase the perception of and appreciation for this local resource?

In Swiss sheep-breeding, wool is reduced to a by- or even waste product. The aims of the project WOLLEN are to point out this wasted potential, and to create an awareness for this natural, local and renewable resource. Rugs made out of Swiss wool are produced by bringing together traditional craftsmanship and machine-based fabrication. The inclusion of all the different actors participating in the value creation chain — starting with the sheep and ending with the consumer — plays a pivotal role in the project. By participating in the productionprocess, the consumer can actively take part in the creation of their own rugs, increasing the awareness for the resource wool and — as a consequence — the respect for and appreciation of this material.

Prof. Bitten Stetter, Dr. Francis Müller