The Cathartic Escape — Low-cost motion capture for efficient creation of full-body game animations

How can a low-cost motion capture system help create high-quality, full-body game animations in a cost- and time efficient way?

Video games are usually designed specifically for playing either on-screen or in virtual reality. The objective of this project is the development of a hybrid game concept that works for both presentation systems, on-screen and in virtual reality, while communicating the same gameplay idea. The concept was researched and tested through development of a physics-based puzzle game that takes up the catharsis theory. Thus, the parallels between, and problems of implementing the respective system into a hybrid game can be shown. Since keyframe animation and industry standard motion capture systems are expensive, key research also includes the evaluation of a low-cost motion capture system for efficient in-game animation and full-body awareness in first-person games.

A project in collaboration with Daniel Gonçalves.

René Bauer, Dr. Mela Kocher, Max Moswitzer