Henrik Gytz

Plaza Life — Visualizing the Emotional Capacity of Urban Spaces in Zurich West

Which emotional relations do users have to urban spaces, and how can this emotional capacity become visually comprehensible?

Zurich is slated to experience significant growth in population over the coming decades. According to city planning reports, a large part of the housing for new inhabitants will be built in Zurich West. The ongoing transformation from a former industrial area into a new living and working district is supported by specific urban development planning.

Urban spaces add an important dimension to a sustainable and lively neighbourhood. But how do users experience the facilities of local public spaces in emotional terms? And how can such emotional relations be comprehensively improved? Based on applied methods developed by American urbanist William H. Whyte, four urban spaces in the area of Zurich West will be registered and compared to each other. Through various graphic interpretations, the emotional capacity of those are visually depicted.

Alex Hanimann