naturally next — Speculative strategies for a new form of communication about sustainability

In the future, how will producers and consumers enter into dialogue about sustainability?

Everything is green, everything is bio, everything is fair – it feels as if we were in the middle of a sustainability collapse: the ubiquity of «eco» leads to weariness and confusion. But as If considered consumption is to continue to play a vital role for protecting our natural resources, it is paramount to find ways out of this communicative dilemma.

«naturally next», an analogue trend report, provides answers. Four scenarios are presented to illustrate the possible significance of sustainability in future environments. Will it be a luxury or a matter of course? Obligation or status symbol? A series of fictional short stories offers a peek into possible future worlds of consumption, and shows how a dialogue between companies and clients might look like. Augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain and wearables are only some of the technologies that help to bring clarity to a complex topic.

Prof. Bitten Stetter, Dr. Francis Müller