Make & Play

How can explorative DIY-tools developed by the «Maker» movement be used to redesign games for adults?

The Master thesis «make & play» explores the two seemingly contrary activities «play» and «make». In our efficiency-driven, highly stressed society, playing is widely seen as a waste of time, especially by adults. At the same time, it is increasingly used as motivation-design to enhance efficiency, mirrored in trends such as Gamification. The aesthetics of undirected play is neglected and needs redesign. Within the niche of the Maker community, however, playing is a credo. What I was looking for in the world of play, I suddenly found in the tools of the digital DIY movement: playful systems, which are rather innovative toys for adults than tools.

The result of my research manifests itself in a DIY-kit that is both tool and toy: an entertaining «toytool», which combines «make» and «play» and allows for versatile interventions.

Prof. Bitten Stetter, Dr. Francis Müller