The Unity Glue – Principles and strategies for a maintainable Unity project structure

How to achieve a scalable and maintainable project structure within Unity 5.6?

Today, game developers can find hundreds of tutorials on the internet covering specific topics for the popular game engine Unity. However, there is a lack of corresponding literature to explain how to integrate all of these different topics together into one big, scalable and maintainable project.

To address this problem, my Master thesis focuses on project structures within Unity 5.6. In order to first get an overview of existing practices, I interviewed individual developers and game studios. By analysing different methods and approaches for organizing assets and source code, I developed a reliable workflow for my current Unity game «FAR: Lone Sails». The results of my research are a «cookbook» that helps to create a maintainable project structure for teams working on a collaborative basis in Unity.

René Bauer, Dr. Mela Kocher