Versatile skiwear — A transformation into design principle and use

How can design transfer skiwear from the slope into the city?

Fashion often appears to be the cutting edge. It combines old and new, the known with the innovative, conventions with courage and candor. Contemporary fashion unites such aspects as freedom of movement and function; formerly athletic elements conquer everyday wear and vice-versa.

This work takes as its starting point the contemporary tendency to hybrid wearable fashion. It examines how ski clothing can be developed so that it can be worn both on- and off the slopes – based on historical research, social trend movements, and current material innovations. First, it exhibits prototypes: a jacket, an insulation jacket and pants – inspired by historical workwear, and tested in the snow. The second result is a manifesto for sportswear design that makes a pladoyer for breaking down conventional boundaries.

Prof. Michael Krohn, Dr. Franziska Nyffenegger, Annina Gähwiler, Joan Billing, Anna-Brigitte Schlittler