Talk about it! — Kate Raw’s attention campaign for animal protection

How to adapt attention creating Fame Strategies for relief organizations?

There are many animal welfare organizations. Nevertheless, the average consumer does not necessarily reflect upon the consequences of their consumption behavior. They would rather follow celebrities such as Kim Kardashian on social media. But what if it were cool to adopt considerate thinking? What if the star you follow took an interest in animal protection – would you follow that too? Such a star is the result of this master thesis: KATE RAW.

In the theoretical part of the thesis, existing fame strategies are examined. These are applied to an experiment, representing the practical side of my work: in cooperation with the lawyer Katerina Stoykova, who works for «animal in the law», and music producer Hans J. Mühlethaler, the identity of KATE RAW is created: she is sexy, her message contemporary and concise. In order to increase KATE RAW’s popularity, an attention campaign is developed, which centres round the song «TALK ABOUT IT!». Its aim is to create awareness and to show what everyone can do. Talk about it!

Prof. Bitten Stetter, Dr. Francis Müller