DEFORMATION — Towards more erotic images in architecture

The predominant aesthetics in architectural communication is questionable, because it cultivates and legitimates a perception of architecture that does not correlate to the actual, much more extensive, sensuous aesthetics of built space.

As architects, we encounter an abundance of photographic reproductions of the built reality: in the opinion-forming media, in textbooks, in education. Inevitably, the permanence of the images influences our taste, and ultimately, our perception of space and how we define architectural quality. However, the normative aesthetics of architectural photography, and its defining influence are problematic: they reduce architecture to its visual qualities, without satisfying the holistic, sensual experience of space.

This work is a plea for a change in the aesthetics of the communication of architecture: for more eroticism, rather than pornography; for a multi-layered and sensual relationship between architects and architecture.

Dr. Björn Franke, Eberhard Tröger