Le Flâneur

Which of our senses are suitable for urban navigation systems, and how can they be visualized?

Far too often our gaze is captured by our smartphone. The small screen draws our attention away from our surroundings. Our visual senses are narrowly focused, with the consequence that we have only limited perception of the world around us. As a result, we miss out on a lot of information when out in the city. This is not only a shame, but can also be dangerous. What might it be like if the visual aspect of «human-smartphone» interaction was less dominant, and instead our focus shifted to our sense of touch?

My research explores how a more tactile experience can be created for pedestrians using navigation systems. The result is an application that relies on tactile rather than visual signals for navigation. This frees our eyes up and so creates an entirely new spatial experience.

Max Rheiner, Prof. Jürgen Späth