Dal Fuoco

Møbler — Speculative strategies for a new culture of habitation

What are the decisive factors to support new ways of using and accessing furniture in a mobile and flexible culture of living without owning?

As the post-materialistic era continues to evolve, sharing, leasing, renting and swapping of products and services progressively integrate into our daily lives. The traditional ideal of ownership and standard models of stationary habitation that we know from our parents have become outdated and remote from the present. This clears the way for a more mobile and flexible culture of furnishing, of which the cross-industry value systems and accessibility models dispense of ownership.

This Master thesis explores the key factors at the intersection of mobility, flexibility and accessibility that are shaping the interaction with furniture. Through speculative strategies, the resulting compendium provides insights into a new culture of habitation: one which makes ownership entirely superfluous.

Prof. Bitten Stetter, Dr. Francis Müller