Digitally Fabricated Fashion

How can independent fashion labels profit form digital technology in design and production?

As a fashion and costume designer I often lack access to the desired material – the raw resources for my designs. Many textiles are either unavailable or unaffordable. Digital technologies open up new possibilities for the production of textiles and the implementation of designs.

In a self-experiment, I explore the applicability of 3D printers and laser cutters for my existing collection. Exploratively and experimentally, I highlight the potential of various production processes. An exemplary top demonstrates the acquired knowledge as a collection of applied methods. As a result of my research, I illustrate what technical possibilities exist today, how they can be implemented, and where the potential lies in the combination of traditional craftsmanship and digital methods.

Stefan Schneller, Dario Sala, Prof. Michael Krohn, Dr. Franziska Nyffenegger