The senses of plants — Atlas of plant-senses

Is it possible to impart an abstract and new topic like the senses of plants visually?

«The Senses of Plants» is an abstract topic, and currently, no visual tools exist to improve our knowledge of, and appreciation for, these senses. As most information about the senses of plants is conveyed via language or measured data, a different method was used in my Master thesis. In an experimental approach, I have introduced a new approach, which derives from the investigation of analogue and digital techniques, as well as different forms of representation, which enable the innovative topic to be visualised. The result of my research is an atlas, which, through a pictorial and textual world, provides visual imagery of a range of different abilities of plants: hearing, seeing, feeling and smelling. This is part of a narrative and explorative concept to make plant senses comprehensible and tangible in a visual way.

Alex Hanimann, Cybu Richli