Betanomics — Redesigning currency for the 21st century entrepreneur. A South African case study

How might we redesign capital and currency for start-up entrepreneurs to match the supply and demand of resources more democratically?

One of the biggest challenges faced by start-up entrepreneurs is access to the right kind of start-up capital. In an increasingly interconnected world, value and trust have gained even more in significance when it comes to trading.

In my master thesis, I argue for Betanomics: a new entrepreneurship operating system where entrepreneurs themselves can redefine capital and currency in ways that create value for them, independent of gatekeepers and middlemen. In this new entrepreneurship model, talent and trust are the most valuable assets, and time is the only currency.

My proposed solution is the BETEX: a Trust Time Bank, where entrepreneurs can trade time (currency) against talent and trust (assets). The resulting artefact is the BETEX Gameplay – an interactive communication tool that simulates the mechanisms of co-production that underpin BETEX.

Prof. Bitten Stetter, Dr. Francis Müller, Prof. Dr. Gerhaard Buurmann