The Personality of Electronic Musical Instruments BABA – A Tangible Decision Aid Atelier Bally – Experience Archives WhiteFox – A mobile and flexible ski lift concept for public events in suburban areas Alice and the Algorithms – The Book in the Post-Digital Age The Concept of Horror KissKissBoomBoom – Destruction of consumer goods Compost Lab Tracing insubstantial forms «What about you, why are you still here?» «Well, I am talking with you.» ERWARTEN – Possibility spaces for eventful waiting The Particle Explorer – Designing for curiosity in the context of air pollution Lipstick Tehran – Subversive signs in the realm of the mullahs Wordless Recipe – A pictorial cooking language AIRA – A flight back to life Breaking News – Breaking Workflow Hyperspeed Fragfest – A Procedural Racing First Person Shooter Children of Shem Press X for Sex – An analytical and practical approach to the relationship between sex and video games PooPac – A bioactive bag for human faeces Confrontations Super Market – Space to Reflect The things they carried Community Building for Indie Game Developers Intercultural Link – The role of designers in social projects «Flucht ergreifen» Biochemis.try – A learning tool for biochemical pathways Museum Mania – Exploring new meaning in art through play You are not my mother! eher weniger Suitcasing – Nomad Living Strategies The Joy of Cooking Game Jam as a Design Method
play-video  Film Graduates 2016  (23 min.)