The things they carried Super Market – Space to Reflect Confrontations Intercultural Link – The role of designers in social projects Children of Shem Wordless Recipe – A pictorial cooking language Alice and the Algorithms – The Book in the Post-Digital Age Lipstick Tehran – Subversive signs in the realm of the mullahs The Particle Explorer – Designing for curiosity in the context of air pollution Press X for Sex – An analytical and practical approach to the relationship between sex and video games The Concept of Horror Community Building for Indie Game Developers «What about you, why are you still here?» «Well, I am talking with you.» The Joy of Cooking «Flucht ergreifen» Biochemis.try – A learning tool for biochemical pathways Hyperspeed Fragfest – A Procedural Racing First Person Shooter Atelier Bally – Experience Archives Breaking News – Breaking Workflow You are not my mother! Game Jam as a Design Method The Personality of Electronic Musical Instruments PooPac – A bioactive bag for human faeces KissKissBoomBoom – Destruction of consumer goods Suitcasing – Nomad Living Strategies Tracing insubstantial forms Museum Mania – Exploring new meaning in art through play BABA – A Tangible Decision Aid WhiteFox – A mobile and flexible ski lift concept for public events in suburban areas ERWARTEN – Possibility spaces for eventful waiting Compost Lab AIRA – A flight back to life eher weniger
play-video  Film Graduates 2016  (23 min.)