Lina Stanic

WANDERDAYF (WD) – Tailoring an Information System for Arabic Tourists

How can we design a tourism information ­service that is customized to fit Arabic tourists’ culture of communication and expectations ­during their trips in Switzerland?


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In 2014, 250,000 Arabic tourists from the Gulf States visited Switzerland, recording the highest expenditure and longest stays of all tourist groups. Currently these tourists cannot access the kind of tourism information they need, as information systems in Switzerland do not match their culture of communication. WANDERDAYF is an information system designed to provide Arabic tourists with information in the right time and touch points throughout their trips. WD consists of an online blog, info desks in Swiss airports and hotels, and welcoming pavilions / tents in city centres. These objects are tailored to fit the characteristics of the Arabic culture. The visual identity of WD objects is derived from Arabic traditional elements, which are interpreted in a new context.

Prof. Michael Krohn, Dr. Francis Müller, Roland Eberle